'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Spencer Keeps Ruining Everything!

Spencer HastingsPretty Little Liars, you are an exhausting but fabulous journey. Kind of like driving a motorcycle across the country -- you get tired, dirty, and a lot bugs in your mouth, but ultimately you wouldn't trade it for the world. This week, one of the bugs between our teeth was none other Spencer Hastings. Fabulous giraffe cardigan aside, Spencer's type-A tendencies (for which we all adore her, I know) is threatening to ruin her relationship with Toby, too.

It was nice to briefly see Toby in a towel (hello abdominal muscles, how are you?). It's a sight Spencer might not get to witness a lot more of if she doesn't stop hounding her dad about Radley's involvement with his mom's death. Admittedly, her dad is DEFINITELY hiding something (IE: Clearly Ali's evil twin was hospitalized in Radley). But he's also not budging. Spencer pressing him to find out his motives only upset Toby (and his abs) this episode. He wants to move on from the sad past. 


Not content to botch one awesome thing she has going, Spencer decides to follow Emily as she goes to her top-secret-warehouse meeting with Ali. Again, it's a case of completely understanding Spencer's motives (Ali is not a wench I'd ever trust -- and let's not even discuss Shawna) but also wanting to slap your forehead in despair. She said it herself: Ali could sense Emily pulling away. So maybe sneaking up on the duo and causing Emily to get on Ali's bad side was a terrible idea Spencer, ya think?

You could even say that Spencer is TECHNICALLY responsible for driving Aria back into Ezra's arms. While most fans (myself included) don't think Ezra's the Big Bad, he's definitely got a big, scream-y, secret. It was Spencer who reminded Aria just how much she loved the dude causing her to dump Jake. Aria may have loved Ezra in season one, but the chemistry between these two seems to have dwindled. Lying to each other constantly might contribute to that. Also I have seen nothing on earth so un-sexy as Aria and Ezra splitting a from-the-box brownie smothered in whipped cream and hot sauce. I was all, #stonerromance. I wish I could blame Spencer for their dessert of choice, but alas, we all know Spencer only feasts on roast ducklings prepared by faceless, professional chefs. 

Do you think the tide will turn in Spencer's favor?


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