'Bachelor' Recap: Juan Pablo Galavis Is Digging a Hole He Can't Get Out Of

Juan Pablo Galavis & ladies

Ugh. I knew it was bound to happen at some point, but I really didn't expect it this early on in the season. Am I the only one who was just a teensy-weensy bit bored during The Bachelor tonight? Where were the insane cat fights? And the countless spit swapping sessions? And the crying women?

Oh wait ... that's right. There were plenty of crying women. And Juan Pablo Galavis definitely has a sweet spot for all of 'em. The more they whine about "how hard this whole process is ... yada, yada, yada" -- the more sensitive good old Juan Pablo becomes. And you gotta love him for it. He really does appear to be quite the gent.

But that also happens to be his biggest problem.


So far, it really seems like Juan Pablo likes, well -- everyone. (Other than the two chicks he sent home, of course.)

Not that he shouldn't be developing feelings for more than one woman -- but I can't seem to pinpoint a clear front runner. Take his one-on-one dates with Cassandra and Chelsea tonight, for example. Do you think one went better than the other? He seemed equally as into both of them yet not really gaga over one or the other. Maybe it's just the language barrier, but so far I'm just not getting the "she's the one" vibe from Juan Pablo.

He really just doesn't seem like he's falling in love. At all. But he sure does "like" these gals a lot, so I guess there's potential?

But if he doesn't start zeroing in on a few ladies who he truly has a strong connection with, the odds of him finding a wife and stepmother for his daughter Camila aren't lookin' too good.

Fingers crossed that he picks up the pace a bit next week. For his sake and for the benefit of all of us at home who need a good dose of reality TV drama to kick off the week the right way.

Do any of the girls stand out to you yet?


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