'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Khloe & Lamar Are Stuck in a Bad Place

The second night of the season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians put Khloe and Lamar front and center as we saw them dealing with the very real and sad fallout of their shattered relationship. If anyone needs to stay off Twitter, it's this poor girl, who is constantly being bombarded with horrible rumors and press speculation. As strong as she seems at times, Khloe is very sensitive, and the latest interview she reads -- in which Lamar's father bashes her and her family -- sends her over the edge.


Lamar proves his heart is still very much in this relationship by calling Khloe (and Kim!) constantly and assuring them he is disgusted by the comments his father made to the press. He tells her that her family is his family and even sends Kim a Twitter rant he plans to post in which he vehemently defends the Kardashian clan. 

His sentiments are laudable and he's clearly trying. But Lamar still has major problems that he hasn't overcome yet, which becomes apparent when Khloe has to remind him over the phone not to skip out on his appointment with his lawyer. He just doesn't seem motivated to help himself, and you can tell Khloe is exhausted trying to get him to care. 

One person who doesn't need help lightening up? Kris, of course. When Kim's BFF Jonathan pays a visit, Kris chastises her daughter for basically being a great mom and preferring quality time with North over going to trendy restaurants and clubbing. I believe her exact words were something along the lines of: Kim is getting comfy with this "mommy thing" but can't stay in the house forever, which made me cringe. 

Instead of letting Jonathan and Kim deal with their own friendship, Kris decides to prove just how fun she can be by taking over and proposing that she and Jonathan embark on a secret trip to Sonoma. The two have a gas of a time getting massages, enjoying delicious meals, and drinking copious amounts of wine -- um, while Khloe is dealing with heartache and Kim is back home saddened by the fact that her mom lied to her about where she and Jonathan actually went. Tsk, tsk -- not your finest mom moment, Kris!

Comic relief, please! Luckily, even something as heavy as a couple's therapy session turns into a circus event when Kourtney and Scott are involved. Their therapist suggests Scott find a positive activity he can engage in alone so he can become a happier, more satisfied person and partner. So Scott decides to pretend he's attending karate classes when he's actually just hanging out with Rob, goofing around, and trying to imitate karate moves he views online. Of course Kourtney discovers he's lying, but just when you think she's going to pull a drama queen and obsess over why he isn't taking therapy seriously, she can't help but find the humor in his goofy, harmless plan. Gotta love those two.

How do you feel Khloe and Lamar dealt with this latest setback in their relationship? What did you think of Kris' antics on this episode? 


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