'Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus Is No Daryl Dixon When It Comes to Zombies (VIDEO)

Norman ReedusI know actors are not their characters. Really, I know this. It's not like I truly believe that Norman Reedus IS Daryl Dixon, our favorite crossbow-toting, squirrel-chugging, poncho-wearing hottie from The Walking Dead. And yet I have to confess that part of me blindly assumed that if Reedus were to come face to face with a real live … er, dead zombie, he'd react just like Daryl. Like a total badass, calm and deadly and easily taking out the threat while flexing his impressive biceps.  

If this is also your fantasy, I implore you to stop reading now. Because I'm about to shatter your hopes and dreams with tragic video proof that zombies make Norman Reedus shriek in fear like a little girl.


Okay, "shrieking" may be an exaggeration, but the noise Reedus made when he was zombie-pranked recently wasn't exactly a manly battle cry. It was sort of like this: "AaaAAAAaaaaAAAAaaaa!"

So here's what happened: Andrew Lincoln and special effects guru Greg Nicotero teamed up with Walking Dead superfan Nick Santonastasso to pull a startlingly realistic gag on Reedus. You may have seen Santonastasso's zombie prank videos before -- the teen was born without legs and with only one arm, so he's unusually well-suited for dressing up like a corpse and scaring the daylights out of people.

Santonastasso got the full-body Nicotero FX treatment, then he was hidden beneath a cloth-covered cart while Reedus got ready for a fake promo shoot. After a few minutes, the "interviewer" left Reedus alone in the room, and that's when Santonastasso came barreling out of the cart.

Reedus's reaction? Well, once he recovered, he said "You fucker!" -- but before that, there was kind of a lot of flailing and "Ahhh!"-ing. Check it out:

Ha! Well, now we know: Norman Reedus is disappointingly un-Daryl-like when it comes to zombies. Talk about ruining our suspension of disbelief! God, the next thing you know, we'll learn that Rick has an English accent or something.

Be honest: did this video make your Norman Reedus crush deflate just a TINY bit?

Image via YouTube

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