An Oscar-Nominated Movie May Be Based On a 'Real Housewife' -- Seriously! (VIDEO)

kandi and toddGreetings from Brooklyn! I’m back in the States with the week in Housewives gossip -- why is The Real Housewives of Atlanta so much better than The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season? Plus, does art imitate life? Can you call reality TV art? Or life? These are the questions I ask myself while watching movies nominated for awards as well as the Housewives.


Someone mentioned in the comments on last week’s show that they heard a rumor Bravo or the producers rented Porsha Stewart’s house for her, and it didn’t hit me until I saw a house we used for VH1’s Couples Therapy appear in the film The Bling Ring. There’s a HUGE difference between a lived-in house and a set for filming. Do you think either Porsha or Kenya Moore actually live in their houses? Also, do you really think Kenya wants to have a baby?

I loved it that all the men of Atlanta were on Watch What Happens Live last night -- they all had a chance to have their say about this season, and unanimously they all agreed they’re the victims of bad editing. BUT, what do they have in common that no other husbands in other cities have? I tell you what in today’s exclusive video below.

Who dominated last week’s episode of Beverly Hills? Would you believe it was Kim Richards for me? While she’s adorable at her loopy best, that’s not necessarily a good thing. I discuss WHY Lisa Vanderpump probably blew off the graduation party and my favorite moment of the episode.

Finally, in New York news, I draw a comparison between a Big Apple housewife and the character in an Oscar-nominated performance this year. While Jennifer Lawrence publicly admitted she used The Real Housewives of New Jersey to prep for her role in American Hustle ... it’s not her. Whom do you think? Watch this week’s episode below and tell me whether you agree!

Do you think Lisa was wrong to snub Kim's party?

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