'Girls' Recap: Hannah's Birthday Gets Ruined By a Whole Lot of Blood

girls recap lena dunhamHannah turned 25 in Girls episode 3. Adam gave her his baby tooth on a necklace. Her editor David gets into a fight with Ray. Marnie sings on stage. Typical stuff, I suppose. But what ruins Hannah's birthday is a combo of blood and bush. Yes, bush. Exactly what you think. And there is this other incident that happened with Shoshanna and Ray that cannot be ignored.

It's that whole friends with your ex thing.


Shosh and Ray end up alone outside and it's then that he tells her he can't be friends. He can't have small talk. He just can't.

Um. Yeah. It's not easy. Look what happened with Hannah and Adam. They ended up back together. Though I'm not exactly sure what they had after they broke up could be called a friendship. Still, it's really hard to figure out how to be friendly with an ex when you have mutual friends. Ray just needs to stay away. Marnie needs to not work with him anymore (which from the preview seems to be in the works). And as far as birthday parties go, he should have just sent a text saying "Sorry can't make it. Happy birthday!"

I really felt awful for Ray this episode. Because after that, he gets into a one-sided brawl with David who is clearly on something. Ray ends up falling into a coffee table and there's blood everywhere.

So yeah. See what happens when you show up at a birthday party of your ex-girlfriend's best friend? Don't do it. Just don't.

The other unwelcome guest is Adam's wacky sister Caroline who is standing pant-less in the bathroom when Hannah and Adam get home from the party. Hello 70s bush! She's holding a glass, which she squeezes, and then there is blood everywhere again. Just when we think things were going to end well for Hannah's entry into her 25th year -- she did just get a baby tooth as a gift and her and Adam were about to get it on -- all the bad crashes in front of her.

She's okay. Relatively speaking. They bandage her up. Oddly, Adam doesn't want to have sex after all that. Poor Hannah. Geez. Happy birthday.

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