The Numbers Are In: 'Duck Dynasty' Is Doomed

Phil Robertson and FamilyThings do not look good for Duck Dynasty, you guys. Although A&E allowed Phil Robertson back to shooting just weeks after his inflammatory remarks about homosexuality, the storm has not yet settled. And the numbers are in to prove it. Everyone expected in light of the drama surrounding the show that when it returned this week, it would be to epic numbers. Unfortunately, it turned in ratings close to 30 percent lower than the last season's premiere, and everyone is getting concerned. 

If A&E thought that Phil's viral (and virulent) comments were a case of any publicity is good publicity, here's hoping they are starting to clue in to just how mistaken they were. If you ask me (and no one did), it's reassuring to know that we live in an age where ignorant hateful speech won't be tolerated. 


Some fans think this is a just a fluke and that the show will be back to its old, super-popular self before you can blink. I say that those fans are being exceptionally naive. If anything, this is further proof that the show itself is done for. I would be exceptionally surprised if it even managed to limp along and finish up this season, truth be told.  

That's because when it comes to Phil, I don't think we've heard the final word. I'd bet cash money that more evidence of his bigoted feelings are going to make their way onto the web as time goes by. When a person has beliefs like this that they aren't afraid to share, you can hardly think that the GQ interview was some sort of one-off. It's a good thing the clan has their duck calls to fall back on. 

Do you think the show is doomed?


Image via A&E

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