'Bachelor' Juan Pablo & His Ex Get a Little Too Close for Comfort (PHOTO)

Juan Pablo Galavis & Carla Rodriguez

Huh. I guess no one can accuse him of being anything less than amicable to his baby mama, because Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and his ex, Carla Rodriguez, seem to have a pretty close relationship. Like to the point where they kind of appear to be nothing short of best buds.

Or at least that's what we can probably assume, based on this photo of Juan Pablo and Carla sitting together reading an US Weekly containing an article all about what a shitty dude he supposedly is.

Yep. Apparently Juan Pablo's exes are quick to throw him under the bus, deeming him a "playboy" and saying he will "never settle for one woman."

But it looks like Carla doesn't have a problem with him.


And that's why whomever he does wind up with after the final rose ceremony (assuming he actually gets engaged) should be relieved and happy that she's found herself such a gem of a guy.

Some women will probably see Juan being chummy with Camila's mom as a negative thing -- but personally, I think it's pretty darn endearing that they've remained good friends for their daughter's sake. Breakups can be so messy sometimes, and it's tough to get along with each other even if there are children involved.

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It's obvious that Juan Pablo and Carla realize that they need to have a healthy relationship to set a good example for their daughter -- which also speaks volumes about Juan Pablo's character in general.

It's clear that he knows how to have positive breakups after ending things with a woman instead of trashing her reputation and throwing insults her way for the sake of getting revenge or whatever.

But I gotta say, looking at this pic of Juan Pablo and Carla? I can't help but wonder why in the hell the two of them don't give things another shot. Aren't they adorbs together? Even the matching sunglasses make them look like a couple -- not simply two people who share a daughter.

If Juan Pablo is engaged, hopefully things will work out and he'll live happily ever after and all that good stuff. But if not? Well ... there's a reason for everything, if you catch my drift.

Are you friendly with your exes?


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