Brandi Glanville Goes Way Too Far With Molestation 'Joke'

Brandi GlanvilleReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville scares me a little. The woman is a gorgeous glamazon who, in my mind, is probably eight feet tall. She's unpredictable, foul-mouthed, and god help you if you cross her while she's been in her cups. And in her cups is where she's spent most of her time this season.

When she made some racist 'jokes' (her word, not mine) this season on the show, this was her excuse. She shrugged off the whole thing -- she was drunk and made a stupid decision. But Brandi doesn't have booze to blame this time. On her podcast (which I absolutely need to add to my rota it would seem), Brandi recently said something that really crossed the line. 


When talking about her sister being molested by their principal when they were young, Brandi said that she "wished" she'd been molested too and that she was jealous. I can't even with this. Can you imagine someone you love having to go through such abuse and then making light of it for public consumption? Within the context of the podcast, it was clearly a joke. But good lord -- what a bad one.

I know that Brandi really embraces the whole "I say stupid sh*t sometimes" aspect about herself. On the one hand, I respect that. Know yourself, etc. I, too, have been known to let loose with some really stupid comments. But rather than just embracing my own inadvertent insensitivity or cruelty -- I work on it and try to treat people well. Brandi needs to stop shrugging this noise off and try checking herself. She's got a good heart, this I truly believe, and she's naturally a comedienne -- she doesn't need to hurt herself or others with the knee-jerk brand of mean humor. 

Do you think Brandi needs to learn to edit, or do you love her just the way she is? 

Image via BravoTV

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