'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Makes This Ugly Trend Look Kind of Great

jenelle evansTeen Mom 
star Jenelle Evans is many, many things. She's temperamental, she's loving, she's funny, she's got a penchant for doing her hair and also for shirtless hotties -- and who doesn't? She's big into family, Twitter feuds, and her newfound sobriety. One thing she's not is a style maven. I'm not saying she isn't well-dressed. I'm saying it's unlikely that we will see her sitting next to Karl Lagerfeld at the next Chanel show. Prove me wrong, Jenelle -- nothing would make me happier.

But in a recent Instagram picture, Jenelle showed that she's not one to shy away from a more daring trend. How daring? Two words for you: Patterned. Tights. I know. I was scared too. Any type of tight or legging with a pattern sets my teeth on edge. They are impossible to wear well, and by well I mean without it looking as though you've got a very serious skin condition (word up to my eczema- and psoriasis-havin' homies). 


Suffice to say, I happen to think this is a wicked-hard look to rock successfully. That's why I'm still sort of blinking vacantly at my screen. Because it looks like Jenelle did it! While the leggings themselves definitely throw some major Metropolis or Fifth Element vibes, I don't hate them.

jenelle evans

In theory the horizontal stripes should be making her look cut-off and shorter. But the height of her chunky boots and the super-short skirt counteract that effect. The finished look is edgy and textured without it seeming like there's way too much going on. Keep it up, Evans. Uncle Karl will making a call to your people before you know it. 

Would you ever wear leggings or tights with this sort of texture? 


Image via Splash NewsInstagram

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