'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: This May Be the End of Mama & Sugar Bear

here comes honey boo booWe all know that money and fame change people ... well, most people. If you thought stardom would make the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo clan any less brash, bold, and downright crazy, you are sadly mistaken. Back for a third season, the family is up to the same old hilariously crass hijinks. However, one very big thing has changed though -- and it could impact the future of the family. In fact, it could lead to a big split.


For years Sugar Bear has been outnumbered in that house. He is constantly surrounded by assertive, tell-it-like-it-is, sassy, critical women. They won't let him get any rest, they constantly poke fun at him, and they even make him go pick up their feminine care products in the middle of the night. That's a lot for any man to take and it seems the usually docile dad has hit his limit.

"Living with all these women is pure hell," he confesses. So this season starts off with him finally standing up for himself. Sugar Bear decides to separate from the family and retreat to a man camper, or rather "manper," which is an old camper that's all his own. It's so cute to see Sugar Bear get so excited about something. He spends much of the episode gussying it up, making it a special place just for him.

Just one problem: Mama isn't happy about it. She wants the monstrosity out of her front yard. And what Mama wants, Mama gets.

This doesn't bode well for their relationship. No man who feels constantly henpecked and pushed around is going to be happy. I would hate to see them split within a year of their commitment ceremony. Perhaps Mama should give in a little to make sure Sugar Bear feels loved, feels special, feels as though she cares about his feelings. In the end, they do come to somewhat of a compromise -- he moves the manper to the backyard.

On a lighter note, there was another round of those awesome Redneck Games -- you know, where there is a sea of mullets and mud. Honey Boo Boo competes for Cutest Redneck Kid, but she loses. To say she was disappointed is an understatement. But it was a lesson perfectly summed up by her sis Pumpkin: “As you get older, people don’t think you’re cute anymore, you start growing body hair in weird places ...”

Do you think Mama June and Sugar Bear will stay together?


Image via TLC

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