Farrah Abraham’s New Job Is a Big Step Up From Doing Adult Movies

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham was once a teen mom of MTV's Teen Mom. Now she is a porn star turned Hollywood party girl who just can't resist shilling for any product who will take her and trying to get the attention of any star who will have her. The word pathetic comes to mind, but it might be too kind.

The latest video Farrah has released is all about her hair. Hoping to get some "secrets" to fabulous hair, I watched it and guess what? Her secret is a product called Easilocks. These human hair extensions work by bonding to the natural hair and locking it into place. PRETTY.

You, too, can look just like Farrah Abraham. And what a look it is.


Oh yes, that's Farrah. She's the life of the party. Everyone wants her around. Suuuure. If that's what she wants to tell herself.

As far as we can tell, Abraham is making herself really important and busy in Hollywood, but who are her fans? Do people really like her?

Of all the teen moms, Farrah has fallen the furthest from where she started. Or so it would seem. Still, shilling for beauty products is somewhat more respectable than making porn. She was a model before she become a fame whore teen mother, so maybe this is the right path for her. More beauty products! Less sex tapes!

See below:

Jan 14, 2014 | Loving my Hair: ) Thanks to @EasiLocks #Full #Healthy #Length by f1abraham on Keek.com



What do you think of Farrah's latest venture?

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