'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Isn't As 'Horrible' As You Think She Is

Jenelle EvansThere's no question Jenelle Evans is the most polarizing star in the history of the Teen Mom franchise. Fans either seem to love the North Carolina mom or hate her. And I do mean hate!

So what does the Teen Mom 2 star think of her reputation? She says it's unfair! In an interview with The Stir, Jenelle said she's setting the record straight on who she really is:


On being a "bad" mom:

Everyone's like, oh, you have Barbara to take care of Jace. I still go shopping for Jace. He still comes here. I still go grocery shopping and think about Jace and buy him all his groceries so when he comes over he has all his stuff. I don't let my friends eat his groceries and stuff! Tori comes and drinks all his juice, and I'm like, stop touching it!

So, I mean. It's just ... they need to open their eyes more!

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On her criminal record:

I might have gotten arrested 30 times or whatever, but if you look at my record, EVERYTHING got dropped. Everything.*

So obviously I was not guilty for all of that and all of it was just bulls--t.

I'm just not that horrible of a person! I surround myself with negative people. I don't go looking for trouble; I just surround myself with negative people, so I want people to realize I have changed. I am in a better place.


Looks like we'll see when Teen Mom 2 starts on January 21!

What do you think? Is Jenelle in a better place?


Image by Jeanne Sager

*Some of Jenelle's charges have been dropped, but technically she has been found guilty of some -- hence that whole season of her on probation!

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