'Bachelor' Contestant Shouldn't Hide Her Sexy Secret From Juan Pablo (VIDEO)

andi dorfmanWhat's going to sink you as a contestant on The Bachelor? Is it being crazy? Apparently not -- well, not at first, anyway, as long as you're entertainingly crazy. Getting drunk off your ass will end your Bach career, fer sher. But what if you're a lawyer? One young lady seems to be a little bit concerned that her profession could be a liability. When Bachelor contestant Andi Dorfman introduced herself to Juan Pablo, she was super quick to downplay her career. But TMZ just released video that shows Andi workin' it in court. Is she worried that Juan Pablo can't handle a tough, professional woman -- especially a woman who argues for a living?


"I'm a prosecutor," she tells Juan Pablo, making the kind of face that says, "OMG, can you believe they let a cute lil' lady like me go to lawyer school?" Then she tells him, "I'm in court, doin' it, sending people to jail. I'm not reading much. I don't like to read that much. I don't have the patience to read." Juan Pablo takes it from there, riffing on Andi sending people to jail. But I'm still stuck at "I don't like to read."

What? Why would she mention reading? What the hell does that have to do with anything? I hope she's not worried that Juan Pablo will think she's too (gulp) SMART.

She could be explaining why she didn't go into another kind of law -- why she prefers litigation to, say, policy. But that's kind of inside baseball for TV date chatter.

Andi is also quick to say she doesn't argue -- outside of court, I'm sure she means. She probably gets that a lot on the dating scene. "I'm a lawyer." "Duh, uh oh, you gonna argue with me? Huh huh." Sigh.

Anyway, TMZ's video shows Andi in court for the murder trial of rapper Lil Phat, involving ex-mobster Mani Chulpayev. She works as an Assistant District Attorney in Fulton County. Great gig for someone her age. She must be very driven and serious -- oh dear, those traits are kryptonite on The Bachelor! And what if she does like to argue?


I'm joking, of course. Actually, I think this makes Andi sound especially fun. She could be a stimulating challenge to Juan Pablo, if he's up for it. She could be the woman who lets him prove to us that he's not just a ridiculously handsome mimbo. (Oh, was I the only one thinking that? Whoops.) So don't hide your light under a bushel, Andi. Be smart, and be yourself.

Do you think Andi is worried that Juan Pablo will consider her being a lawyer a drawback instead of an asset?


Image via TMZ

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