Farrah Abraham's Dad Justifies Her Lies -- Why Aren't We Surprised?

In a move that makes me question if Mike Abraham is taking lessons from Michael Lohan, the dad of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is defending his daughter’s lies about having a boyfriend to get on the reality show Couples Therapy. You know, because profits.

“Is there something wrong with financial gain?” Mike asked on his Facebook page, in response to a critic who questioned Farrah’s publicity stunt. Last week, Mike posted, “Let the truth come out! Supporters, we love you, wish you only the very best and appreciate each and every one of you! ... Haters, I can only pray for you and hope only the very best for you with hope that your heart will warm and your judgment traits will cease ...”


If you’ll remember correctly, Farrah’s “boyfriend” Brian Dawe admitted earlier this month that he only pretended to be dating her to get on the VH1 reality show. He eventually changed his mind about the whole thing and reportedly walked away from $30,000 rather than perpetuate the lie! Wowza. That takes some guts.

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Anyway, one commenter named Shellie Spiller commented on Mike’s post, “We have all heard the negative about [the] supposed publicity stunt ... [which may have been concocted] to keep her relevant, which means financial gain.”

To which the C-list celeb dad responded, “Shellie, is there something wrong with financial gain? We all work in some type of industry ... and [the reality TV industry has] their twists and process, that if you’re not in that industry, it’s hard ... to understand.”

While there is nothing wrong with financial gain, one has to question the methods by which someone achieves it. It seems to me that there’s something gross about lying about love for the sake of reality TV.

Do you think Farrah’s dad is right about lying for reality TV just being part of the biz?

Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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