Jenelle Evans Can Take Drugs During Pregnancy If She Wants

Jenelle EvansPoor Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom fame is experiencing the joy that every woman who has ever had a fetus pass through her belly has also experienced. The judgement. This week, Jenelle was slammed on Twitter for using anti-nausea drugs while pregnant with her second baby. 

The drug Jenelle was taking -- Zofran -- is a Class B drug, considered OK for pregnancy and is recommended to mothers who are suffering from morning sickness. Personally, I had never had that until my third pregnancy, but once I got it, holy HELL was it awful. I ultimately beat it without drugs, but I would not blame a woman for wanting to take something. It's like being imprisoned in your own skin and being unable to escape the sickness. In short: It's awful.

But poor Jenelle is not taking it any more. See what she says below:


What is infuriating about this is that this is a decision between Jenelle and her doctor. That's it. People seem to think that just because a woman has a baby bump, they are suddenly able to make all kinds of judgements about your body.

Guess what? They can't.

People need to stay out of one another's wombs. Anything I do as a pregnant woman -- and anything Jenelle does -- is between me and my midwife/doctor.

Personally, I hate the shame that comes from walking into a liquor store ("it's not for me! I swear!" I joked on Christmas eve when I was buying wine for my sister and husband) or even into a bar where I order Shirley Temples and take care of myself and my baby thank you very much.

Yes, I have a belly, but that does not make my decisions up for public debate and until you've had awful nausea, you have NO idea what it's like. As mothers we make the choices for our children every day that we think are best. I make choices for my children every single day with little to no input from anyone besides their father. It's my right. Just like it is Jenelle's right to make hers. For anyone who has had terrible nausea in the first trimester, it's easy to understand why one would choose to try drugs. It's safe and it's up to her doctor. The end. The haters need to back off.

Do you think Zofran is bad to take in pregnancy?


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