'Bachelor' Juan Pablo's Potential Wife Had Sights Set on 'Jersey Shore' Star First

Elise The Bachelor

D'oh! On pretty much every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, one or more of the contestants winds up having some sort of skeleton in his or her closet. And this time around things are no different, as one of Juan Pablo Galavis' ladies reportedly hooked up with The Situation.

Yes ... The Situation, as in Mike Sorrentino from Jersey Shore. According to Star magazine, back when he was making the rounds in Seaside Heights, Mike supposedly used to have "booty calls" with Elise -- the pretty blonde who didn't want to get naked in front of Juan Pablo on this week's pet-themed group date.

And while she may have been shy about stripping down this week, it sounds like she wasn't quite so timid when it came to getting a piece of The Situation.


Apparently Elise and Mike knew each other before he went on Jersey Shore. One source says, "After Mike became a hit on the series, Elise started showing up everywhere he was. It was almost like she was stalking him. She definitely seemed obsessed with him."

The source adds that they "hooked up for years," but also points out, " ... it was always strictly a booty call. She was dying to be his girlfriend, but he was just having fun. Sometimes Mike would even lead Elise on, telling her they’d meet up at a specific time and place, then he wouldn’t show. But I don’t think she cared."

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Yowza. How, exactly does one go from hooking up with Mike to being in the running to become Mrs. Juan Pablo Galavis? (Talk about going from one extreme to the other.)

If these rumors are true, I guess there's the chance that Elise getting cozy with Mike and then applying to be on The Bachelor is nothing more than a mere coincidence. But it does offer up another unfortunate but not unbelievable possibility -- that she went on the show because she's desperate to become famous.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time a gal signed up for that reason -- and the fact that Elise pursued a reality TV dude in the past does make her look like she's after more than a loving husband. Hopefully that's not the case, but Juan Pablo probably needs to keep his eye on this one.

And if he doesn't end up with her, it will be interesting to see if she happens to pop up on some sort of other reality TV show in the future. Third time's a charm, right?

Do you think Elise is on The Bachelor with the hopes of becoming famous?


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