'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki's Birthday Party for Lorenzo Proves She Is Just Like Us (VIDEO)

How is little Lorenzo already turning 1?! Snooki, we get your pain. We all feel like it was just yesterday when we -- I mean you -- gave birth to this cutie pie! Anyway, it's time to celebrate the tot's first birthday with a pirate party, and Snooki shows her soft, adorable side throughout the festivities. She cries. Creates her own pin the tail on the pirate poster for Lorenzo's party, and confides in Jionni about how much she loves being a mom. Everyone in unison: awwww, Snook.


The final episode was a bit tame and simple compared to last week's hour-long special, when some of the gang from Jersey Shore visited and Snooki discovered her ethnic background. The majority of it focused on baby's first birthday, which takes place on a pirate ship and is the most precious and down-to-earth celebration you can imagine. I really loved watching Jionni and Nicole grow as a couple during this episode. They set up for Lorenzo's party together -- no party planners for them, despite the fact they could definitely afford one. Instead, they created decorations, showed up at the party site early and assembled a sandbox, and woke up together on Lorenzo's big day to cuddle him in unison. They really are an amazing couple, and Jionni is clearly nuts about her. He even gives her the sweetest public shout-out by calling her an amazing mom. 

Random observation: how the hell do they know so many people with kids? It looks like they hired child actors to stick their grubby hands all over Lorenzo's damn candy and toy prize booty. Seriously, no one with a 1-year-old knows this many children, right? 

Anyway, Roger and JWoww. My other fave couple also prove they have the chops to make it long-term. Jenni goes out of her way to entertain Lorenzo at the start of the show by dressing up alongside Snooki as a clown. Lorenzo looked like he'd rather be getting a flu shot, but she entertained the hell out of me. That's mom material right there. JWoww and Roger also happily dress as pirates to attend Lorenzo's party. You can just tell they are ready to enter the world of parenthood because any other sane couple without kids would be bored to tears at a kid's birthday party. But these two look positively ecstatic. No one is that good an actor -- these two are R-E-A-D-Y.

Unfortunately, the timing of the finale didn't coincide with Jenni and Roger discovering they are expecting a baby, so there was no big reveal at the end. But the gang certainly left the door wide open for that possibility. In one year, Snooki and Jionni will be moving into their new home (and my money is on another pregnancy for Nicole) and Jenni and Roger will be new parents. The potential for an exciting new season is there -- but MTV has yet to reveal whether it will renew the show. Only time will tell. Until then -- good luck, Snooki and Jenni! You will be missed.

Would you watch another season of Snooki & JWoww? What were your favorite moments from season 3?


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