'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Hanna Saves the Episode With an Icky Confession

PLLIf there is anything I could possibly love more than an episode of Pretty Little Liars, it is an episode of Pretty Little Liars featuring Fat Hanna. Can we make #FatHanna happen please? God bless Ashley Benson's earnest and talented little face, but any flashback where she plays poor, sad, tubby Hanna gives me a wicked case of the giggles.

Suffice to say, I laughed a lot tonight -- but only partially because Benson delights me. They upped the #FatHanna hilarity by revealing a shocking hook-up partner from her past AND by quietly inserting a (fairly lame) Spring Breakers joke. Sometimes the show is brilliant, sometimes it is your uncle at Thanksgiving with the lameness of its jokes. 


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And giiiirrrrl, I needed those laughs tonight! It was a tense episode. Emily was all trying to secretly meet with Ali, Ezra's being mad dodgy (STILL), and yet again the girls found themselves in the face of (dun dun DUUUN) certain death! I'll be real: I do not understand why they continue to keep secrets from each other (theme song aside). You'd think four seasons in, they'd realize this only makes things VERY problematic later on, and yet they haven't. Oh those liars. Scoundrels one and all.

I could harp on how I still continue to believe Ezra is not actually evil but the biggest, juiciest red herring ever. I could also be like, "You guys. Ali is clearly identical twins and one is insane/evil. I mean clearly -- LOOK AT THE FACTS. The journal that seems like it was written by 'two different people'? HELLO!"

Instead let us roll about in the glory that was the following revelation: Hanna TOTALLY let Aria's brother Mike touch her boobs back in her chubby days! Whaaaaat?! #FatHanna! How old was he, 12? That's gnarly. Not as gnarly as Ali berating her for it -- but still, the gnarly factor was high. In other news, it seems like Caleb will be replaced. Hanna can't not have a boyfriend! This one comes with a truck and questionable hair choices. #BoyfriendsAreTheNewCookies.

What did you think of Hanna's revelation about Mike?


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