'Bachelor' Recap: Juan Pablo's 'Nude' Group Date Goes Horribly Wrong

Juan Pablo Galavis

Well, it's officially on for Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, people. And by on, I mean the crazy has already been unleashed and some of the girls in the house are showing their true colors -- which come in the form of nudity and WAY too much wine.

Good grief. How uncomfortable was his group date tonight? It started off innocent enough with the dog photo shoot for charity bit -- but how bad did you feel for Andi and Elise when they found out they were going to be wearing nothing but signs?!?

At least most of the other women got to prance around in bikinis and evening gowns. And fire hydrants.


Speaking of fire hydrants -- it was pretty cool of Lucy to switch outfits with Elise, considering how comfortable she is in the buff. Seriously, are there really chicks out there who have no qualms about being in their birthday suits in front of anyone and everyone? (Better her than me is all I have to say.)

I guess the nude pics worked out ok in the end, as both of the gals and Juan Pablo seemed pretty comfortable sitting there together in the buff.

And interestingly enough, the naked pose wasn't the most uncomfortable part of the date. Um ... was Victoria drunk off her ass, or was Victoria D-R-U-N-K off her ass on that rooftop? Sheesh! I'm not sure she's ever going to live down freaking out the way she did. If she's brave enough to come to The Bachelor "Women Tell All" special, she'd better be prepared for her bathroom scene to be replayed.

The group date certainly ended on a sour note, but I have to say -- Juan Pablo really impressed me with how he handled the situation. He was calm, cool, and collected, and he was also kind to Victoria when he told her there was no need for her to attend the rose ceremony. Most dudes wouldn't have had the decency to go over and let her down easy the way he did.

Damn. Usually by about week two or three, I start to turn on the new Bachelor and give him a hard time. But so far, I can't say anything remotely negative about Juan Pablo. He's a class act. And good GAWD ... does he look hot shirtless. (Sorry Sean Lowe, you've been replaced.)

What was your favorite part of tonight's episode?


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