Robert Pattinson's Crush Is Dating Another Vampire Type

dylan penn steven r mcqueenOkay, I just have to ask: What is the deal with Dylan Penn and vampires? Just months after being linked with Robert Pattinson, Dylan Penn is dating Vampire Diaries' Steven R. McQueen. Steven was Dylan's date at her dad Sean Penn's charity event, which sounds innocent enough. You could dismiss that as a publicist-arranged celeb play date except for the way it ended. Apparently when Dylan complained that her feet hurt Steven gave her a kiss and literally swept her off her feet, carrying her out of the building. Swoon -- I don't recall Rob ever doing something like that for any of the ladies he's been dating.


A source told Us Weekly that Dylan and Steven have been dating on the DL. "They met awhile back, they started dating pretty quickly, lots of attraction there. Dylan is a fun chick, whatever she had with Pattinson was very brief --" OK, wait right there. Speaking of Rob, can we please go back to the vampire thing? Dylan went from dating a vampire to dating a vampire hunter. WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

On Vampire Diaries Steven plays Jeremy Gilbert, a guy who tried to become a vampire (but failed) and eventually became a vampire hunter. It's a funny coincidence. Like it didn't work out with Edward Cullen, so now she's going out with the guy who would slay Edward Cullen. But Jeremy is supernatural, too -- so maybe that's a weird turn-on for Dylan? She likes guys with a goth side, I guess.

Anyway, good for Steven and Dylan. They look cute together, and he sounds like he's a fun "dude" himself. If it doesn't work out, there's always Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgård. You know, just a couple of suggestions. I don't know WHY they come to mind, heh heh.

Do you think Dylan has a thing for goth guys, or is this just a coincidence?


Image via Joe Scarnici/Getty


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