Farrah Abraham’s Latest Lie About James Deen Is Just Ridiculous

Farrah AbrahamThere is but one question on my addled pate this morning: Who does Farrah Abraham think she's fooling? I think the universe at large has made it pretty clear that they have no time for Farrah's tall-tales. Seriously, she opens her mouth and the opposite of the truth is virtually guaranteed.

Don't believe me? Let's look at the broad's past. She says she never made a porno, instead a "private sex tape" was leaked. Lie. She claims she had a boyfriend, well he and his real-life girlfriend think differently. Sounds like another lie to me. Now, on the most recent episode of Couples Therapy (which she initially tried to lie her way onto), Farrah is telling more lies about her love life.



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Who has fallen victim to her prodigious prevarications this time? Why, her former co-star, adult performer James Deen. Oops, I guess if I'm to take Farrah's word for it I shouldn't call him her "co-star" -- I should call him her "ex-boyfriend". Apparently that's how she trying to spin the relationship, at least if the most recent episode of Couples Therapy is anything to go by.

Oh my god Farrah enough -- just OWN it! You made a sex tape! You lied to get another T.V. show! No one cares, we're all still watching and clicking and reading, regardless of what the truth may be. In fact, if your gambit to get on the show had been "I'm in a relationship with an imaginary boyfriend," you would have completely and immediately won me over.

Instead she continues trying to control how we perceive her -- and she's doing a bad job of it. I feel like at her core, Farrah is this big ol' weirdo, and nothing she can try is going to keep that hidden forever. Rather than try to be someone she's not and continue making up stories (I say this as someone who did the same for a large portion of her adolescence, minus the pornography -- you're welcome, Mom) Farrah should just herself. Her fans aren't going anywhere.

Do you care what the real story is, or would you follow Farrah's antics regardless?

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