'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Trailer Is EVERY Bit As Awesome As We Hoped

Game of ThronesIt's finally here! The Season 4 Game of Thrones trailer has arrived and holy hell, it is looks AWESOME! Even though we still have to wait a long, long, long three months, the trailer promises some big things coming on April 6 when the new season premieres. It's going to be huge, you guys.

"There's good and evil on both sides in every war every fought," Jorah Mormont assures us and we are thrown back into the BEST SHOW ON TV. The ways I can't wait can't really be expressed enough here. Some highlights of the preview:

Tyrion Lannister gets in trouble and may not be able to "talk his way out"? Really? What did he do?? Joffrey continues his insane sense of over-weaning confidence despite all evidence to the contrary. The very hot Jaime Lannister looks at his nephew with such contempt, it makes you wonder just how much things will change this season. See below:



Obviously, this is designed not give us answers, but to make us wonder. And wonder we do.

Not much is given away and it is impossible to tell what will happen to all these people we love. But one thing is clear: All bets are off. Like in past seasons, our love of a character or their seeming centrality to the plot has very little to do with whether they will actually stick around for a full season.

This makes Game of Thrones one of the most exciting shows to watch. You really never know what will happen.

So, we wait. Three more months. It seems like an eternity, but compared to where we came from (Season 3 ended last summer), it's not long at all. Hang on to the iron throne! It's sooner than you think!

What did you think of the trailer?


Image via YouTube

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