'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore Is Totally Jealous of Porsha Stewart

Phaedre Parks Every hive of bees must have its queen. In Atlanta, the hive is run by a very stylish (if manipulative) honey-producing overlord in the form of the fabulous Nene Leakes. This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, two ladies battled for a place by her side and the right to call themselves her "true friend." And when I say two people battled, I mean just one -- Kenya Moore. She did her best to go head-to-head against Porsha Stewart. The only problem? Porsha had no idea she was fighting anyone.

Porsha spent this episode trying to pull her life together. She's bought a fancy house in Nene's neighborhood (though she hasn't announced the move to Nene just yet). She entertained Kandi Burruss and Phaedre Parks who bonded over how Chuck Smith's tiny penis size.  Phaedre's doing what she can to finalize her divorce and move on. That said, Kordell Stewart isn't making severing their union an easy feat. Because he is a controlling nard. That's right -- nard. 


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Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas still have some union-smoothing to do in order to cultivate marital bliss. Her sister still sticking around for an endless duration isn't helping matters. Neither is Cynthia's stress level. She threw a party at her new office space to showcase her sister's jewelry and cultivate her client base. Unfortunately, as Cynthia herself acknowledged, a Cynthia Bailey party means nothing but drama, drama, drama where her fellow housewives are concerned.

Tonight proved to be no exception to the rule. Porsha was eager to "surprise" Nene with the news of her move into the neighborhood. Kenya, after having been told to stay mum on the subject, spilled the beans to Nene before literally twirling off into the street where she was nearly hit and killed by a car. 

Nene. Was. Pissed. She made Porsha cry and revisited the whole "you are a bad friend" thing. It kind of didn't make a lot of sense. Emotionally, Nene was right on the money -- Porsha's been a bit absent lately because of her own problems, which is, as Nene says, understandable. But going after her about moving? That was random and wonky. I'm pleased to report that Kenya's ploy didn't work -- if anything, it just brought Nene and Kenya closer together.

Why do you think Kenya is so jealous of Porsha?


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