5 Reasons Juan Pablo Is the Hottest 'Bachelor' Ever

juan pabloSince it's debut in 2002, we have seen all types of men as The Bachelor. The was the actor (Charlie O'Connell), aprince (Lorenzo Borghese), a doctor (Travis Stork), an Officer and the Gentleman (Naval Officer Andrew Baldwin) and even a weepy pilot (Jake Pavelka). However, this may be the first season the execs at ABC have chose a true heart stopper. There is something so mesmerizing about Juan Pablo Galavis. In 18 seasons, he could possible be the best ever. Here's wahy:


1. That accent is muy caliente. Though he was born in Ithaca, New York, Juan Pablo was raised in Venezuela, which is why he sounds like a fantasy man out of a Harlequin Romance novel.

2. He's a former professional soccer player and has the physique to prove it.  The man looks like Michelangelo perfectly sculpted his body out of stone. He's got it going on from every single angle.

3. He's not afraid to admit he loves cheesy pop songs and serenade you with them. Check out his sweet-n-sexy cover of One Direction. 

4. He's a truly doting dad. You don't get the impression that he is using father card to gain sympathy or earn points with women. Sadly, there have been some past show players that seemed to use their children as pawns in the quest for hook-ups and fame.

5. He has self respect. As a former Bachelorette contestant, he didn't embarrass himself. He always seemed like a caring, normal, rationale human being. You can't say that of most of those guys.

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