Scott Disick Dresses Like Kanye West in a Sign Their 'Bromance' Is Blossoming

scott disick I am about to say something sort of inflammatory. I really like Scott Discick! I don't know if it's his obsession with being a lord, his hapless goofiness, his reformed(ish) ways, the way he trills "AUNTIE KRIS", or the fact that he is often the lone voice of reason in another insane world on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Whatever it is, the dude is the sole reason I watch the show some weeks. 

My new favorite thing is his man-crush on Kanye West. Let's be real: a show featuring their antics? That is one I would watch. For pete's sake one of the earliest stories I covered for this very site was an outing they took wearing matches tops! And remember when 'Ye recruited Scott to do an American Psycho parody?! Love these goofballs 



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Scott's been going through a rough time lately. He lost both his mother and his father in just a span of a few months. Thankfully, whatever their flaws, the Kardashians rally around their own and I'm sure they've been great pillars of support for the dude to lean against. He and Kourtney Kardashian seem stronger than ever (even though she's still in the press about those -- frankly ludicrous -- paternity tests). 


It also looks like 'Ye's been there for his buddy Scott, too. How do I know that to be true? They are back to dressing like twinsies! Scott was just pictured wearing a reeeedonkulous fur-trimmed coat. It's one identical to a coat Kanye wore late last year.

I love the idea that 'Ye was like, "Here man. This coat has seen me through some hard times," and passed it on. The only way I could love this more, is if I discovered a photo of them in identical tuxes holding hands and eating gyros. What? You know it's true. 

Do you think Kanye and Scott are as close as they seem?


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