'Parks & Recreation' Recap: Everything Changes For Leslie & Ben

amy pohlerFor me, tonight's episode of Parks & Recreation was a perfect example of why I've long rooted for this little show that could. The irrepressible Leslie Knope has found herself once again at a crossroads. Booted from the job she adores (we allll know something is afoot there, right?), Leslie's left scrambling with what the future may hold for her. And because it's Leslie, she's not "coping" so much as she's "adopting cats, returning cats, and studying African dance."

The episode was more touching than funny, which I didn't mind at all. That said, Andy Dwyer's inability to cure his lingering jet-lag and the Sapersteins definitely helped bolster the funny up a notch. Did you die at Jean-Ralphio and Dr. S's matching jammers? I sure did. 


As Leslie gears up to enter a new chapter in her life, so do Anne Perkins and Chris Traeger. It was satisfying after Anne's last few seasons of apparent purposelessness to see her and Chris so joined and goofy as they prepare for baby. The woman contemplated ordering Domino's while already at a restaurant -- #hero.

Ben struggled to try and find the perfect gift for Leslie. As the man who knows her better than anyone, all he can manage to come up with is...a candle? Meanwhile Leslie passes off the reins of her city council seat to Ingrid. The classy lady will do good work, when she's not off summering in Zurich, that is.

As Leslie makes for the door, abandoning her salt packets, another councilman is revealed to be embroiled in a massive Anthony Weiner-esque sex scandal. Rather than view this as further proof that the city is broken, Leslie takes it as a sign -- she'll challenge the perv and win his council seat!

Leslie is dangerously close to going totally off the rails (as her very homemade and very murder-y election banners make clear). Ben's perfect gift solves all that when a high powered government fixer points out to Leslie that she could go on and do anything -- maybe even take a run at Congress.

Then because Ben is the greatest he also whisks Leslie away to Paris for a mini-break. Then suddenly I was crying because Leslie Knope deserves the world. Leslie Knope for President you guys! With Anne and Chris's boy-baby as her running mate!

Did you get weepy during the episode? What do you think Leslie's next move will be? 


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