Mackenzie Douthit Takes Her Career Where Most 'Teen Moms' Never Would

crossI'm stunned: A reality TV star is earning money from actually making things and selling them. And I don't mean sex tapes! Teen Mom's Mackenzie Douthit has an Etsy shop called Mackenzie's Makings where she sells her hand-made photo frames and crosses. Even a difficult pregnancy doesn't seem to be slowing her down. It looks like Mackenzie's been getting her crafting groove on, and she's making her wares available to her fans.


Mackenzie's frames and crosses are made of wood and look to be painted, decoupaged, and bedazzled. There's 5 by 7 frame decorated with cheetah print, pink, and upholstery tacks for $29, and a cross blinged out with burlap rosette, crystals, and a black-and-white diamond pattern for $42. I can't say any of it is to my taste ... er, well, let's just leave it at that. But hey, handmade goods are becoming a rarity these days. So props to that.

And good for Mackenzie for using her fame to run a home business instead of launching a sex tape or getting into stupid Twitter feuds. She's following her passion, and to her credit, her passion is crafting and not brawling. How refreshing! And she's earning a little income, too. 

It's kind of sweet to think that buying one of those frames might result in buying baby clothes or diapers for Mackenzie's new baby. It's smart of her to open up a shop to earn a little extra cash before the baby comes. Every little bit helps. Plus, she'll have less time and energy once the baby arrives. So I wish her luck and hope everything sells out!

What do you think of Mackenzie's Etsy shop?


Image via Mackenzie's Makings

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