'Teen Mom' Star Is Desperate for 'Someone to Hug and Kiss'

teen momIt's hard to envision a happy ending for many of the Teen Mom stars. They just have so many obstacles against them. That, of course, doesn't stop diehard fans from hoping and praying that things work out for the young stars as they try to get their lives together professionally and personally. Though, one of the young reality stars has tweeted about just how lonely life has become. It's really quite sad.


Poor Gary. The odds have certainly been against him from the start. He, of course, is the baby daddy of Amber Portwood, one of the most notorious Teen Moms ever. They had an extremely volatile relationship, often fighting and yelling in front of their young daughter. In 2010, she was even arrested for attacking Gary while MTV was filming.

Things have been rocky for the pair ever since. While they have gone their separate ways romantically, neither seems to have found true love. Amber, fresh out of jail, is hopefully focused on creating a stable home environment for herself and her child. For his part, Gary has always been the more stable parent. A local farmer, he did have a girlfriend, whom he recently dumped after learning she cheated on him.

It's just really sad. I can't help but feel sorry for this guy. There is no doubt that his dramatic past relationships have left him bruised and broken emotionally. Plus, the stresses of raising his daughter must be hard to balance with a dating life. Since MTV has greatly capitalized over his struggles, I think the network should help him find love with a Bachelor style dating show. If you ask me, that's the least they could do. At least he would have someone to hug and kiss for a little while.

Do you think Amber and Gary will get back together?


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