'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Co-Sleeping Isn't Fair to Her Husband

kailyn lowry and kidsBabies are wonderful. No doubt about it. But they have a way of turning your whole life upside down. Just ask Javi Marroquin. The Teen Mom 2 star is sleeping on the couch these days, ever since wife Kailyn Lowry kicked him out of their bed!

Trouble in paradise? Not exactly. One of Teen Mom's most devoted couples is still hot and heavy, but they're sacrificing their time together for the sake of new baby Lincoln.


It turns out crunchy mama Kail is co-sleeping with little Lincoln. As she explained to her Twitter followers:


I think we've all had that kiddo who just won't sleep alone! And I don't blame Kailyn for kicking Javi to the couch one bit. I was terrified of something happening to my daughter when she slept in our bed, including the threat of my husband rolling over on her.

But these two have so much on their plate -- between another season of their TV show, the stress of Javi being in the military and possibly shipping out one day, plus raising two kids -- that they need to be extra careful about nurturing their marriage. Putting baby first sounds like it's what you have to do when you become a parent, but there are usually work-arounds.

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And in the case of co-sleeping, there are definitely ways to make things safe for baby without sacrificing couple time. For starters, they make co-sleepers that can be put next to the bed or actually attached to the bed. These are spots made specifically for baby to sleep, with the right firmness for the mattress, no extra blankets, and of course no possibility that a deep sleeping dad will roll on them.

See? Kail can have her cake and sleep with her hubby too! And baby Lincoln can still snuggle with mama!

Here's hoping these two work things out. It can be a long, hard road when someone's sleeping on the couch every night!

What do you think of Kail and Javi's sleeping arrangements?


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