'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: The 'Jersey Shore' Gang Reunites! (VIDEO)

Omg, omg, OMG -- JWoww is pregnant and it's impossible to watch this show without ascribing meaning to everything either she or Roger says. A lot happens on this week's episode -- from the boys baring their sensitive souls to Jenni and Snooki looking fierce in drag to an actual, oh-my-goodness-it's-really-happening visit from former Jersey Shore cast members (and doesn't Deena look amaaazing?!). So, let's get started!


JWoww and Snooki kick things off by planning a wild night with the Gay Joeys, but before that can happen, both need to settle some mommy issues they're having. Snooki, who is desperate to bond with Lorenzo, takes her cutie pie to swim class and has to deal when an instructor takes over and dips the tot straight into the water. I'm proud of Snooki for putting aside any feelings of jealousy she may harbor and being a good mommy by celebrating her son's swim achievement. Too cute.

JWoww, meanwhile, claims she can never have three children (ack! Yes, you can, Jenni, and you're well on your way!) because her three unruly dogs can't pass a simple obedience test to save their lives. The girls finally get to have an escape that both seem to desperately need by letting it all hang out at a drag makeover party with the Gay Joeys. Alcohol is consumed. Wigs and sequins are worn. Catwalking happens. It's that kind of night.

While this reverie takes place, the most soulful moment of the episode also occurs as Roger and Jionni share an amazingly truthful chat while on a fishing trip. Did anyone else want to die when Roger admitted that his greatest fear is failing as a father? He says that explains why he waited so long to think about children. Oh, Roger -- you will be a fantastic dad! The man's also confused -- but that's nothing new -- because Jenni drops hints and talks about wanting to be pregnant when she's drunk, but doesn't treat it seriously when she's sober.

Thank goodness members of the Jersey Shore cast decide to pop in and have a sleepover with the gang because things were beginning to get a little too sad there for a moment. Deena shows up with her new man, with whom she seems ultra serious, and Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie reveal that things have been going well since they moved in together, but that we shouldn't expect to hear wedding bells ring for them anytime soon. 

The old friends have definitely matured since we last saw them together. I'm happy to report they can now drink without causing any drama -- unless you count Deena spilling red wine on Snooki's couch. (Now that I've mentioned it, why the hell didn't anyone make a move to rub Seltzer and salt into it?)

Other random revelations: Snooki receives her DNA test results and has a coronary when she discovers she's Slovakian, Romanian, Asian, Jewish, and has a cultural background that originates in about a billion other countries -- none of which are Chile. Oh, and JWoww may be naming her baby "Alexandra" if it's a girl -- if the baby name list she keeps on her phone (!) is any indication. 

Here's a clip that shows the gang's mini Jersey Shore reunion!

MTV - Sneak Peek: Jersey Shore Visit - Snooki & JWoww (Video Clip) | MTV

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