'Teen Mom' Star Picks Fight With Jenelle Evans That's Even Dumber Than Usual

alexandria sekellaI almost don't want to cover this Jenelle Evans feud for one reason: It seems to be all about nothing but staying relevant. But here we go. Teen Mom 3's Alexandria Sekella picked a fight with Jenelle over her fight with Teen Mom 3's Briana Dejesus. You follow? It's so dumb. Supposedly Alex just wants to defend Briana against Jenelle's barbs, which is admirable ... I guess. Except that getting involved in a Twitter war with Jenelle Evans is like entering a land war in the Middle East: No end in sight.


Apparently Jenelle and Briana have been at each other, partly because Jenelle's been writing about Briana, and partly because something Jenelle said about Briana's sister got misinterpreted as an insult. Jenelle says she didn't mean to insult Briana's sister, and bla bla bla. Who cares?

Alex cares. "You went after bri n nova those girls r like my family," she tweeted over the weekend. "I have room to speak when you go at my family." Oh brother. It's like we're in the 18th-century and Jenelle has insulted the whole Dejesus family's honor. There will be blood! Draw your swords! En garde!

Except if you're a Teen Mom alum, you don't fight with swords. You insult each other's parenting skills. "Think about yr own child and I'll worry about my own," Jenelle tweeted. "Someone needs to worry for ur kid obviously u werent thinking of them when you got arrested," Alex replies. SIGH. What a cheap shot. It's just too easy to go after Jenelle as a bad mom who gets arrested all the time. We all know she has a short fuse.

So what's the deal? Is Alex really so concerned about Briana, or just looking for an easy way to stay alive after her show's been cancelled? I think she should ask herself if the notoriety is really worth it. Maybe it's better to fade into obscurity than to grab your 15 minutes of fame as the 1,000th person to fight with Jenelle Evans.

Why do you think Alex jumped into Jenelle's fight with Briana?


Image via Sekella10/Instagram

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