'Girls' Stars Go Gaga Over 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Just Like the Rest of America

Juan Pablo and Allison WilliamsAs someone who has honestly never watched an entire season of The Bachelor, I am sickeningly excited to jump on the Juan Pablo bandwagon. Do I think he's hot? Sure I do. But it's all of this hype that surrounds being a fan of The Bachelor that has convinced me to plop down on my couch for the next however many Monday nights with girlfriends and analyze the craziness. Did you know people out there have brackets for this stuff?! BRACKETS.

Well apparently it's not just regular ol' ladies like you and me that are Bachelor fans. Nope, Girls stars Lena Dunham and Allison Williams recently rubbed elbows with Juan Pablo on the set of Good Morning America and the results, well, are absolutely hilarious. Seems like Juan's got a knack for sweepin' ladies off their feet, and not just on TV.


Now, I think we can all agree that Lena Dunham's pretty good at making jokes about just about anything. But when it came to Mr. Bachelor himself, she seemed off her game. Dunham captioned the photo above with: "Allison Met Juan Carlo aka Da Bachelor and her eyes went red with passion." Right. Carlo, Pablo, same thing. And then there's her other upload from their rendezvous together:

Ha! Oh she slays me.

Now, as I've disclosed, I haven't been a fan of many seasons in Bachelor/Bachelorette history. Even so, I know a thing or two about the hysteria that surrounds the hit ABC show. And I know that no bachelor has ever been this hyped up.

Let's be real here: were people swooning over Ben Flajnik? Crooning over Sean Lowe? Some ... I guess. But between Dunham's reaction and the audio of girls' screams in the limo coming up to the mansion last night, it's clear that Juan Pablo is firing things up -- and fans everywhere are READY.

Do you have any celebrity crushes that you'd go gaga over if you met in person?


Images via lenadunham/Instagram

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