'Bachelor' Premiere Part 2 Recap: Juan Pablo Galavis Makes 2 HUGE Mistakes

Juan Pablo Galavis & Sharleen

Yeah ... so last night's Bachelor premiere may have been a little on the boring side, but seeing Juan Pablo Galavis meet his 27 ladies tonight totally made up for it and then some.

These girls really are a trip, and it's clear they're not going to make Juan Pablo's journey for love an easy one. Oh come on -- how psyched are you for the drama the previews promise will go down this season? It looks like this group of ladies is going to take "nuts as hell" to the next level, which is pretty much the secret ingredient to some seriously entertaining TV.

But as much as I really do like Juan Pablo and want to see him succeed ... the two little mishaps he made this evening have already put him on a path to disaster.


First of all, what on earth did he see in Sharleen (the opera singer) that prompted him to give her the first impression rose? She's really, really rigid and seems to have the personality of a brick wall, so what attracted him to her? And on the flip side of the coin -- how in the heck is she not into him? What woman with half a pulse wouldn't be all over this dude? Based on the previews for future shows, Sharleen appears to have a change of heart and sticks around for a bit longer. But it looks like she's only going to get stranger as time goes on.

And then there was the beyond awkward moment when Juan called out Kat's name at the rose ceremony -- only to have Kylie step forward thinking the rose was for her. OMG. The poor girl is never going to live down the humiliation on this one. And the fact that he didn't give her the benefit of the doubt and hand her a rose anyway could wind up rubbing some of the other girls the wrong way.

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Overall, Juan Pablo made some pretty wise decisions tonight. (And thank God he didn't keep Amy, the orgasmic massage therapist, around any longer. She really scares the hell out of me.)

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what happens next week when he officially starts dating these women. It's gonna be good, people.

Who is your favorite of Juan Pablo's ladies so far? 


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