Chelsea Houska's Gorgeous Makeup Goes Against All the Rules (PHOTO)

chelsea houskaIf there's one thing Chelsea Houska's good at, it's making an adorable child. If there are two things she's good at, it's making an adorable child and doing makeup. The Teen Mom star never seems to get it wrong when it comes to painting her face. And her gorgeous look on New Year's Eve, although controversial, further proves this point.

Feast your eyes to the left, people. Chelsea's got bright red lips and dark, smokey eye makeup. Not a look many can pull off, or many want to pull off for that matter, as it's a bit ... intense, but Chelsea makes it work. Let's discuss.


I've always been of the mind that if you're going to do a heavy eye, you do a light, glossy lip. And if you're going to do a bright lip, you go easy on the eyes. You never want to do both, right? Because dark eyes + bright lips = Clownville, USA, doesn't it? That's what I always assumed, anyway. But Chelsea's pics make me believe otherwise. Maybe both are possible.

To me, Chelsea has a "makeup face." Although beautiful without makeup, she's just one of those people who looks good/not weird with a face full of makeup. The kind of person you wouldn't bat an eyelash at if you saw her at 8 in the morning on a Saturday getting coffee in foundation, liquid eyeliner, and bright red lipstick. So I definitely think that contributes to the whole eye/lip thing working for her. But more than that, I just think she knows what she's doing.

My guess is that if you are going to do both an intense eye and lip, you need to make sure your colors/techniques mesh well. It's hard to tell, but it looks like Chelsea's lipstick has blue undertones, and her eye makeup has a little gray in it, which clearly works. I suppose you just need to play around with your makeup and see what goes with what.

Or, you know, have Chelsea come to your house and do your makeup for you -- which sounds good to me!

Do you ever wear both smokey eyes and red lipstick?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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