Maci Bookout's Kid-Free New Year's Vacation Doesn’t Make Her a Bad Mother

Maci BookoutThe year 2013 proved to be a big one for Teen Mom star Maci Bookout. She started it off by ending things with ex Ryan Edwards once and for all (for now, anyway). Then she landed her own special Being Maci over the summer. And of course -- it's impossible to leave out her adorable romance with boyfriend Taylor McKinney. So it's only natural that Maci wanted to bring in the new year in style, celebrating her successes with some friends in Miami, leaving her 5-year-old son Bentley at home.

Now naturally people are slammin' the reality star for leaving her child at home to bring in 2014, and to that I say come on -- give her a break! Just like any other mom, Maci needs some time to decompress. She's allowed a little time to exhale. And yes, she's also entitled to have a few beers and drink champagne, too.


Why don't we pause and reflect on how AMAZING Maci is as a mother to Bentley, shall we? She showers this adorable little man with all the love she has. She wants to give him everything (she's even joked about adopting another child for him to play with) and gushes about how proud she is of him when it comes to dealing with his two parents being apart. In short: she simply adores her son and all of the time she spends with him.

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But as ALL moms can relate to: chasing around after a 5-year-old gets tiring after a while. Who are we to judge Maci for blowing off some steam with her friends? Whether or not she has a few beers away from her son doesn't change the kind of mom Maci is when she's with him. In my eyes, despite the fame and the craziness -- this Teen Mom is doing pretty all right.

Check out Maci shakin' it in her hotel room, here:

Can you relate to Maci for wanting to get out and have some fun?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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