'Game of Thrones' Tops List of Most Pirated Shows This Year & We Know Why

Game of Thrones It's no secret that 'Game of Thrones' has a serious fan-base. I mean, most of us count ourselves among their number. With the epic story-lines, hot bodies, bloody battles, and dragons (DUH), the saga has been inspiring the masses since the books first hit the shelves. With the T.V. show taking over HBO, it has garnered a whole new wave of fans. And not all of these fans are content to pay to watch their favorite show -- what's a little law-breaking when winter is coming, am I right?

'Game of Thrones' topped the year's list of the most pirated T.V. shows of the year. While illegally downloading television is wrong, you almost can't blame these die-hard devotees. If anything, their eagerness to get the show no matter the cost (figuratively anyway), speaks to just how awesome the show really is.


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The most pirated of any episode was the infamous 'Red Wedding'. This season 3 finale was downloaded 5.9 MILLION times! This is the second year running that 'Game of Thrones' has topped the list, and with the way things are going plot wise -- it's probably not the last year either. 

Thankfully the folks at HBO are taking it in stride, and not gearing up to have millions of their errant followers arrested and sent to Pirate Jail (eye-patch mandatory, also, not a real place). HBO President Michael Lombardo actually said that he took the news as "a compliment of sorts." Clearly HBO isn't sweating the lost subscriber fees -- yet anyway.

Still, as someone who pays for her HBO (she said while arching one brow), I feel like if you REALLY love something, you should pay for it. I love cakes, but you don't see me using that love as a means of rationalizing any grand theft of the cakey persuasion, do you? I mean, not yet anyway. Sure, it's annoying to have an additional fee tacked on to your cable bill. But what's another $20 bucks if it means getting to fund art you love?

What was your do-anything-to-see-it show of 2013? 


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