Kailyn Lowry's Need for Alone Time Is What EVERY Mom Needs

kailyn lowryBeing a mom is amazing. It can also be extremely exhausting. In the best way, of course. And sometimes you just need to get away. Escape to that magical island where there are no children even if that "magical island" is the coffee shop and you are there for half an hour. It's a little recharge. A little
"me time" and I think it makes us all better moms for taking care of ourselves, along with our kids.

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin knows what I'm talking about. She tweeted her feelings on wanting to be alone.



Kailyn just had baby Lincoln on November 16th, so he's just a little over a month old. Her son Isaac is 3. Kailyn needs and deserves a little child-free time. Even if it's just running to the store, as she says. There are times when I go food shopping by myself and it's glorious. Sounds extreme to some, maybe. But it is -- for me. And obviously Kail, too.

I think all moms need more "me time" and less guilt when we have that alone time.

What do you think? Does your "me time" help you recharge? Be a better mom?

Image via Kaillowry/Instagram

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