'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore Can't Stop Making Trouble

Kenya MooreThe southern city of Savannah, Georgia is rife with characters, ghosts, and history. The very last thing it needed was the addition of several rowdy reality stars to contribute to its infamy -- and much of the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta includes some of my most treasured reality-rowdies. This week, after a bumpy start, there was more ... bumpiness. #DramaInTheGardenOfGoodAndEvilYall

Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss chased a hearse driven by a man with a wooden leg! NeNe Leakes did her best to say no to Satan -- who had descended upon Savannah in the form of Kenya Moore, stirring up trouble for no reason other than to slake her own craving for it. And finally, let us mention it here, despair for humanity, and move on -- Porsha Stewart revealed that she thought the Underground Railroad featured a real train. Lord, save me from the vapors that have so quickly descended upon my person.


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The thing that really caught me this episode was Kandi. I mean, yes, her red hair this season has been particularly magnificent, but sadly that is not to what I refer. Instead, I come here to cluck over her poor behavior. After so many weeks of being trod upon by Mama Joyce, Kandi is acting out however she can. That apparently includes stealing the master suite at their hotel in Savannah from NeNe. Anyone worth their salt who is in possession of a DVR knows that the hostess of a trip? She's the one who gets the master.

This sets up an Us Versus Them mentality that taints the remainder of the episode. NeNe does her best to stay cool, but Kenya Moore, mistaking "friendship" with "the melodious warbling of every Disney villain ever," goads her into saying something. Verily, Kandi will not be moved.

It only got more uncomfortable from there, with Kenya bringing up the fact that Kandi used to date Mynique Smith's (NEW HOUSEWIFE ALERT) husband, Chuck. Rather than gracefully bow out of the convo, Kandi decides to share that the duo were so serious -- MAMA JOYCE LIKED HIM.

I know not what bug secreted itself within Kandi's backside, but while Phaedra is awesome, the girl is wrong to alienate everyone else. Crossing someone like NeNe is just foolhardy, especially when it seems like Kandi's private life with her mom -- and now Todd! -- are falling to pieces. In times like this, you need friends. 

Do you think anyone will ever call out Kenya for stirring up drama for her own benefit?

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