14 Most Controversial 'Teen Mom' Parenting Moments of 2013

Farrah Abraham's daughter SophiaWhen MTV introduced Teen Mom to the world, the show was supposed to teach teens that it's not a good idea to become parents. But these days the show -- or some of its most scandalous stars anyway -- offers up plenty of warnings for parents! From waxing a toddler's eyebrows to shocking pregnancies, the Teen Mom stars have gotten themselves in many a parenting pickle over the course of 2013.

But hey, just think -- whenever you're feeling a little bummed because the baby's crying and you're about ready to tear your hair out, there's always one show on TV you can watch and instantly feel better about your parenting!


I hope you're ready to take a walk down memory lane with us, because we've got 14 of the most scandalous Teen Mom parenting moments of 2013 right here!

Can you believe number 11? Would you do that to your child?


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