14 Most Controversial 'Teen Mom' Parenting Moments of 2013

Jeanne Sager | Dec 23, 2013 TV

Farrah Abraham's daughter SophiaWhen MTV introduced Teen Mom to the world, the show was supposed to teach teens that it's not a good idea to become parents. But these days the show -- or some of its most scandalous stars anyway -- offers up plenty of warnings for parents! From waxing a toddler's eyebrows to shocking pregnancies, the Teen Mom stars have gotten themselves in many a parenting pickle over the course of 2013.

But hey, just think -- whenever you're feeling a little bummed because the baby's crying and you're about ready to tear your hair out, there's always one show on TV you can watch and instantly feel better about your parenting!

I hope you're ready to take a walk down memory lane with us, because we've got 14 of the most scandalous Teen Mom parenting moments of 2013 right here!

Can you believe number 11? Would you do that to your child?


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  • Chelsea Houska's Ex Adam Lind Welcomes Baby With a 'Weird' Name


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    Chelsea Houska has had nothing but headaches dealing with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, who has been anything but a steady presence in daughter Aubree's life. So it was more than a little surprising that Lind became a dad ... again! Girlfriend Taylor Halbur gave birth in September to a child with a name that Chelsea herself said was a little weird ... Paislee.

  • Jenelle Evans Announces First Pregnancy


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    The new year had just gotten started when Jenelle Evans dropped a bomb on us ... she was expecting a baby with husband Courtland Rogers! At six weeks, she showed off this photo to prove she had a baby bump. Sadly, she miscarried not long after.

  • Jenelle Evans Announces Pregnancy ... Again


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    Jenelle Evans' critics cruelly commented on her weight gain around the holidays ... but she had a shocking explanation for that thickening middle. She announced this month that she's expecting her second child next summer! The father is boyfriend Nathan Griffith.


  • Mackenzie Douthit Exposes Son to 'Violence' of Hunting


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    Coming from a small town in Oklahoma, hunting is a way of life for Mackenzie Douthit and husband Josh McKee, but when the Teen Mom 3 stars posed for a photo with their 2-year-old son Gannon and a dead deer, people were outraged! The couple were accused to exposing their little boy to violence!

  • Farrah Lets Her 4-Year-Old Use a Pacifier


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    Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia may be set to turn 5 in February 2014, but as recently as October of 2013, the tot was STILL using a pacifier!

  • Mackenzie Douthit Announces Second Pregnancy


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    Before Teen Mom 3 had even hit MTV, star Mackenzie Douthit was making headlines in August for her second pregnancy ... at just 18 years old! Douthit has admitted any pregnancy is risky because of health concerns but that her doctors have indicated her best chance for childbearing is NOW because of her diabetes.

  • Maci Bookout Spanks Bentley on 'Being Maci'


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    Maci Bookout drew fire from parenting critics in August when her Being Maci episode aired on MTV, and the now adult Maci was seen taking little Bentley into a bathroom stall ... and heard spanking his butt!

  • Kailyn Lowry Puts Isaac in a Gay Marriage Photo Shoot Without Asking Jo


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    Kail Lowry is a big supporter of marriage equality, and she's raising her son Isaac to believe in equality too. But she and ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera didn't exactly see eye-to-eye over Isaac appearing in a pro marriage equality photo shoot. Jo said the photo made him sick ... and he didn't want his son being used that way.

  • Farrah Abraham Lets Sophia Ride in a Car Without a Car Seat


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    Farrah Abraham loves to shoot Keek videos in her car, but one that popped up on her profile in early December started intense debate over whether she's putting little Sophia in harm's way. The photo made it clear Sophia was not in a car seat -- despite being just 4 years old!


  • Kailyn Lowry Announces Pregnancy


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    For months there were rumors that Kailyn Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin were expecting their first child together, but Kail finally made the announcement in June. She got a lot of flack for it, but the truth is, she's no longer a teenager, and she's married!

  • Farrah Waxes Sophia's Eyebrows


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    Farrah drew a firestorm of criticism when she took to Sulia in early January and admitted she'd waxed her then 3-year-old daughter Sophia's eyebrows while the toddler was sleeping!

  • Josh McKee Throws Up Gang Signs ... in a Photo With His 2-Year-Old


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    Teen Mom 3 star Josh McKee apparently needs a lesson in time and place. He was posing for a photo with 2-year-old Gannon when he decided to throw up a gang sign back in November!

  • Leah Calvert Lets Her Kids Play With (Toy) Guns


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    Guns are always a touchy subject, but when it comes to kids and guns, people have very strong opinions. Leah Calvert found that out the hard way when she admitted she lets her little girls play with toy guns!

  • Farrah Misses Sophia's First Day of School to Party


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    What's a mom to do when she's got a party to go to and her little girl's first day of school? You can't be in both places at once! Farrah faced that conundrum earlier this fall ... and from this photo you can tell which she chose!

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