Even Super Moms Like Kailyn Lowry Hate Being Judged

kailyn lowryOf all the people who might feel judged! I can't believe it. This week Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry complained about being judged via Twitter. Kailyn -- getting judged? But why? This is Teen Mom's uber-attachment parenting mama we're talking about here. She's not breastfeeding and baby-wearing enough for everyone? I guess if Kailyn can feel judged, any mom can feel judged. But come on, what did she do?


We're not quite sure what incident Kailyn's referring to, but it's probably the backlash she got over her recent tattoo. Kailyn is still breastfeeding, and there's a small chance a tattoo needle could pass on Hepatitis C. Can't we trust her to make a wise choice, though? After all, she did refrain from getting a tattoo during her pregnancy, as her tattoo artist advised. It sounds like he takes Kailyn's health and well-being very seriously and runs a super-clean shop.

I thought Kailyn was above caring about the haters, so this recent backlash must have really stung. It could also be the fatigue. Since she's not getting as much sleep (thanks to her newborn baby), she might be feeling a little more sensitive than usual.

Or maybe she's so used to getting love and praise for being such a standard-bearer for attachment parenting that any criticism takes her completely by surprise.

Kailyn was definitely being herself by getting a tattoo, though. That's almost as defining a part of her personality as the attachment parenting. The combination of both may throw some people, but we're all unique. I think it makes her more interesting.

Are you surprised that Kailyn cares what we think about her choice to get a tattoo while breastfeeding?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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