Kailyn Lowry Faces Backlash for Getting Tattoo While Breastfeeding

kailyn lowry full sleeve tattooKailyn Lowry's at it again! Just days after mentioning she would be going back into the tattoo parlor to get her huge back piece "fixed," she presented her new, graphic, intense full sleeve tattoo of a human heart strapped to a time bomb. Wild! What it symbolizes the Teen Mom star has yet to explain, but the theme of her ink isn't the only thing raising eyebrows!

As you may know, Kailyn's breastfeeding her newborn Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, to whom she gave birth last month, and some docs recommend against getting inked while breastfeeding. But for the most part, that advice seems overly cautious.


The recommendation to steer clear of body art while breastfeeding is based on a fear of infection. Tattoo needles could pose a very small risk of transmitting hepatitis C. Some research shows that a larger, multi-colored tattoo poses a higher risk than small black tattoos. But on the other hand, a study showed that the risk of contracting hepatitis is actually higher during a dentist visit than while getting a tattoo!

Sounds like it all boils down to trusting your tattoo artist -- which it seems like Kailyn really does -- and being inked at a parlor that's clean and reputable. Kailyn is a loyal fan of Sick Ink Studios, so I'd guess she feels confident about the safety of getting her ink done there, even while breastfeeding little Lincoln. So no need to worry. I'm sure the tattooed mom of two has her infant's best interest at heart!

How do you feel about getting inked while breastfeeding?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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