'Shahs of Sunset' Recap: GG Finally Comes Clean

Shahs of SunsetLast night may have been a turning point for our friends on Shahs of Sunset as the group tried this new thing called honesty. Who would have thought, right? Whether it was coming clean to significant others or getting something off their gold-necklaced chest, it's safe to say strides were made.

GG Gharachedaghi tried her hand at Tai Chi with Asa Rahmati in attempts to channel her anger in a peaceful way, versus how we saw her react to MJ Javid last week. Maybe she did receive a little clarity because later in the episode, she came clean to boyfriend Sean about her kiss with ex-boyfriend Shayan weeks ago. In the worst setup in all histories of setups (and with the help of some liquid courage), she finally told him everything, and even admits that she and Shayan still text! He broke up with her on the spot, and I can't say I blame him.


Next it was Reza Farahan's turn to tell the truth in his long awaited apology to Sasha. He explained that even though they seem to be similar -- they couldn't be more different. In turn it helped Reza with his own self-acceptance, and it looks as though the two can move forward and be civil. Phew!

With that burden off his shoulders, it was time to throw a party, specifically a housewarming party for him and boyfriend Adam. And to keep out the immaturity, Mike Shouhed, Lily Ghalichi, and GG were snubbed and denied invites. To make this party even more grown-up, there was $3,500 caviar on the table. Reza clearly didn't want to talk about it, but everyone thinks he should talk to Mike, who looks like out of all them is headed down the wrong path. 

Mike claimed to be done with Reza as he headed over to a friend's house to play a high-priced poker game with some sketchy high rollers. Strapped for cash when it comes to a possible engagement ring for his girlfriend, Jessica (or at least one that costs thousands of dollars), it looked like he might be about to get involved with the wrong people with those dollar signs in his eyes. Could be an interesting plot twist.

Previews for next week look intense with confrontations a coming. Will the group unite or continue to go their separate ways? At this point, nothing is a sure bet except for the fact that if you want to buy caviar from a vending machine, you better carry lots of cash.

Do you think it's possible for the whole group to be friends again?

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