Kailyn Lowry Takes Attachment Parenting to the Extreme

kailyn lowryEvery mom experiences motherhood differently. But for some moms, those first couple of months with a newborn baby can feel like an ooey, gooey crush. All those hormones come crashing into your system and you feel like you cannot possibly get enough of your little one. That certainly seems like how Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry feels about her new baby, Lincoln. Via Twitter today Kailyn confessed she can't bear to put Lincoln down after he falls asleep on her chest -- even though she's exhausted.


We know she probably could use a rest! But sometimes it's hard -- you know that newborn phase is only going to last a couple of months. It goes by so quickly. Sometimes you just want to soak it all up while you can. Kailyn can sleep later. Haha, actually, with two little ones now, I'm guessing she'll sleep again sometime in the year 2018. But she's probably up for that.

Seriously, though, I know just what she means about a baby falling asleep on your chest. That means you can smell those sweet baby smells, and feel that little body snoozing. It's about the coziest, most intoxicating thing out there. Swoon.

I also loved what she said about spoiling babies. "You can 'spoil' a baby before 4 months so soak it in while you can." I don't know about the arbitrary four-month mark, but I completely agree about spoiling babies. You don't need to teach a baby to self-soothe or be independent. It's all about bonding the best way you can.

Were you ever reluctant to put down your sleeping baby -- or were you eager to get something done or get some sleep yourself?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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