'16 & Pregnant' Blocked From Filming by Mayor Who Hates the Show

16 & PregnantThe Mayor of Tinley Park, Illinois apparently has no love for MTV or their hit show 16 & Pregnant. In fact, Tinley Park Mayor Ed Zabrocki, has recently banned the show from filming at Andrew High School (where students Maddy and baby daddy, Cody attend high school), he also won't let them film at any of Tinley's public properties.


Apparently, he believes that the show glorifies teen pregnancy and that it is terrible and should not be on the air. Well, fine. But does he have to ruin it for everyone else, too? See his remarks below:


I think the initial concept of the show probably made some sense, but over the years with reality TV, etc, that kinda thing, I think it glamorizes unwed mothers. This is a quick and easy way for some young ladies, 14, 15, 16-years-old, to have it in their mind, 'This is how I get on TV and have my ten minutes of fame.' I think it sends the wrong message and I feel very strongly about it.

Has he actually seen the show? I mean, I get the sentiment. Kind of. But the truth is, the show is a FAR CRY from glorifying teen pregnancy. If anything, it would make me think twice about having a baby EVER, teen or not.

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I can't defend MTV and the way I believe they exploit these girls. But I can defend the show itself. It is not what people think it is and this mayor is taking it upon himself to censor something without really understanding it. It just seems like a massive mistake all around.

Now he looks like a bully. He does not OWN the town. Maybe some in the town like the show. He has every right to have his own opinion about the show, but to censor it? Yikes. Glad he's not my mayor. 

Do you think he is right about the show?


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