Kailyn Lowry Calls Out 'Teen Mom' Star On Twitter -- Could This Be War?

Kailyn Lowry Everything is coming up roses these days for Kailyn Lowry...said the oldest woman on the planet. Senior-citizen-worthy cliche or not, things are going really well for the 'Teen Mom' star. She's got a new baby, and thanks to Javi Marroquin, a brand-spankin' new name to go with her new hubby. Life, as the terrible over-priced tee-shirts at the mall say, is sweet. 

But what's this I see? Satan disguised as a serpent, offering Kailyn something good to eat? Well, if by 'serpent' you mean 'Twitter' and by 'something good to eat' you mean 'a sub-tweet' -- then yes, yes that is exactly what I see. Look out world, this so-called Garden of Eden is about to get a lot more passive-aggressive. Hold on to your butts, etc. 


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The usually sunny Kailyn used her 140 characters to tweet something sort of...strange. Without naming names, she referenced a mystery-someone in her universe as a try-hard who won't give up doing whatever possible to impress the people around them. Kailyn called out this unnamed person for their antics with the online equivalent of a MASSIVE eye-roll. 

Given the particular circle Kailyn orbits in the entertain-o-sphere, there's almost no end to who she could be talking about. Given their tortured past, the soap opera fan in me desperately wants this jibe to be aimed at her ex, Jo Rivera. But please, time and tide have proven that Jo's far more likely to toss the first stone. Plus Kailyn has totally moved on. 

Maybe the sub-tweet is directed towards one of her fellow Teen Moms. God knows Farrah Abraham gets up to enough nonsense that Kailyn could have finally gotten sick of it. Plus, Farrah does spend most of her time trying to impress the universe (if selling molds of your vagina counts as impressing the universe, and let's be real -- it TOTALLY does). 

But she might have another 'Teen Mom' 'mate in mind. Think about it: Who else has been in the press a fair amount these days, trying to make it clear that they are reformed, and happy, and have settled down for good? Why none other than the newly pregnant Jenelle Evans! Though sniping at Jenelle seems a bit low-down and dirty for good-girl Kailyn.

Who do you think Kailyn was talking about in her tweet?

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