LeAnn Rimes' Beautiful Comeback Ruined by Weird Sex Confession

LeAnn RimesBefore she was Mrs. Eddie Cibrian, and before she was 'Real Housewife' Brandi Glanville's arch enemy, and waaaay before her name was ever bandied about in the tabloids for the amusement of the populace, LeAnn Rimes was just a little girl with a big ol' voice. The country star had -- and is still in possession of -- pipes big enough for a woman three times her size. Girlfriend, can sing. 

When she appeared on the American Country Awards this week, she had a chance to remind everyone just how much talent she has to share with the world. Rimes, who has often been compared to the country great Patsy Cline, was slated to sing a medley of that late singer's hits. But it was all way too much for her. 


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Before her medley of under four minutes was complete, LeAnn burst into tears. She later said that the emotional experience of singing in honor of her idol was totally overwhelming. She was able to quell the water-works and finish up like a pro -- but that wasn't the end of the story.

LeAnn told anyone who would listen that in order stop crying, she'd thought about sex. Uh, okay, LeAnn, that's cool. Why wasn't delivering a solid performance good enough for her? Why did she have to go a step further and try to make her heart-warming performance salacious? Frankly, it was much closer to a move we'd expect from Brandi. 

Her frank confession didn't just undermine her own performance, it undermined the artist she was there to honor. It's one thing to make a sassy confession to your girlfriends, it's another to announce your foibles to the world at large. If LeAnn's not careful all this posturing could make appearances like this one few and far between.

Do you think LeAnn is trying to be someone she's not?


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