Jenelle Evans Is Planning Her Wedding -- Isn't She Forgetting Something?

Jenelle EvansSo you may have heard the world has ended Jenelle Evans is pregnant. It's true, the Teen Mom 2 star and boyfriend Nathan Griffith are officially expecting their first child together (second for each of them). But that's not all, sports fans!

Jenelle and Nathan are going to the chapel and they're gonna get ma-ah-aried. Yes, indeedy do, first comes love, then comes DUI arrest, then comes baby, then comes a wedding!

Er, well, it could happen that way, but there's just one more step Jenelle needs to climb before she gets to say "I do."


Remember Courtland Rogers? Aka her husband?

When Jenelle gave her exclusive interview to -- who else -- MTV about her baby-to-be, she spilled the beans about her summer wedding, to be held after the baby is born (giving us an idea of when she's due!). But then she threw in this nugget:

I have to get divorced first, of course. I haven’t spoken to him since he got arrested last April, actually.

Maybe it's simply in the way MTV cut the quote (darn them and their reality editing!), but that sounds suspiciously like an afterthought, doesn't it?

"Hey, I'm having a baby and planning a wedding! I'll wear white. He'll wear a tux. I've got to call the florist, and the photog, and oh yeah, have to pencil in that divorce. Maybe between the dress fitting and the cake tasting?"

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Don't get me wrong; it would be NICE to see Jenelle straighten up and fly right and actually get her happily ever after here. It would be even better if she was doing this for the son she already has.

But in order to "straighten up," you have to actually deal with your crap! You can't just forge ahead with foolish plans and figure it will all figure itself out.

She's pregnant and planning a wedding. Fine. But how about getting divorced and getting the kid she already has back and THEN focusing on a new life with Nathan? Is that too much to ask?

What do you think of Jenelle's wedding announcement?


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