Shocking 'Sons of Anarchy' Finale: 5 Hints About What's Happening Next

Sons of AnarchyI'm a little late to the Sons of Anarchy finale discussion because I didn't watch it until last night, but can you BELIEVE the craziness that went down in the last episode of the season? The show started out kind of slow, but it definitely ended with a gasp. I will never be able to carve a turkey again without involuntarily shuddering, that's for sure.

If you're all caught up with the finale, I've got some great info/teases from show creator/twisted sadist Kurt Sutter on the most burning questions we all had as the credits rolled. Like: what was it like shooting that stupendously gruesome scene, what's next for the folks left in play, and who will be left standing when the dust settles in the next and final season.



When did Sutter decide Tara needed to die -- and how did he choose Death by Carving Fork?

I knew fairly early on that Tara would die before the final season — probably as early as season 2 I had a sense of that happening. I didn’t quite know exactly, obviously, how it was going to happen in terms of story. I just knew in terms of a mythology mile marker that that’s when it was going to happen. (...) I wanted it to be sort of simple and pedestrian and of Gemma’s world — not of the club’s world, meaning I knew I didn’t want it to be a gun or a knife. We see Gemma in that opening montage washing dishes and we have no idea that something as simple of a tub of dirty dish water and a carving fork would ultimately be used as implements of death.

In a show filled with relentlessly brutal scenes, this one was pretty awful, wasn't it? I had a feeling Tara was going to go, but I could never have predicted a combo sink-drowning/skull-stabbing. Of course, you knew terrible things were going to happen to her the moment she looked around her house and smiled with relief at how things had all worked out.

 Will we start the next season right where we left off?

I don’t want to lose the weight of what’s happened. So there may be a little bit of a time [jump], like we did this season, which was a few weeks.

What's going to happen with Juice?

Knowing that he betrayed Jax is not a place you want to be in the outlaw community. (...) Does Juice keep this secret? Does he use it to his advantage? I don’t know the answer to that. I just know that we have something really fun to play with when we start the next season.

Does the DA believe Jax killed Tara? Is he going to be charged for those murders?

I think procedurally they would definitely bring him in and at the very least begin the questioning process. So he would be taken into custody, being on the scene there, and then I’ll — I’m not quite sure how I’ll want it to go from there. Is there a charge leveraged against him? And how does he respond to that? I’m still sort of playing with all that. (...) I didn’t want it to end ultimately on a police beat, meaning I didn’t want it to be about people getting on a radio and calling it in and blah blah blah. So, to me, I felt like there was that moment of shock and awe on her part, and she was sort of taking it all in. And the procedural stuff began once we got out of the shot. But I don’t know if she feels like Jax is the one who killed Tara. I think she may think he’s the one who killed Eli. But, regardless, I think Patterson feels a sense of betrayal: You made me a promise. I don’t know what your part in all this is, but I’m looking at two dead bodies, two innocent people are dead as a result of their interaction with you.

Is the final season going to focus on Jax and Gemma?

I think that the mother-son bond has always been the catalyst in terms of the family dynamic on the show, and the love and the hate and the push and the pull of both of them. It just seemed right having those two standing at the end, figuring out not necessarily who wins but, you know, where does their relationship end up? So it will definitely, just by the fact that they’re the only two left in the family, it’ll be about the two of them.

Well, there you have it -- all the info Sutter is willing to share at this point. So many questions remaining, of course: what's going to happen with Wendy next season? Will Bobby be running SAMCRO? How will the various gang wars shake out? What will be happening with Jimmy Smits and his Inexplicable Grandpa Cardigan? Does Unser have a magic kind of fatal-but-not-really cancer?

A final thought about Hamlet, the play upon which Sons is loosely based. When the royal family falls and Hamlet is gone, minor character Fortinbras takes over as ruler. Soooo: who is Fortinbras in Sons of Anarchy?

What did you think of the SoA finale?

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