7 Shocking 'Scandal' Moments That Will Haunt Us During the Hiatus

Kerry Washington, Scandal After tomorrow's installment, all fans of Scandal and its tortured, white-coat (if not always hat) wearing, and wine swilling heroine Olivia Pope will have to wait until February to sink their eyeballs into any new episodes. There aren't enough GIFs of Liv and Fitz making out in the world to distract us until then. And my collection is sizable.

Television genius Shonda Rimes' insanely inventive (and insanely addictive) show about the seedy underbelly of Washington, D.C. prides itself on delivering gasp-worthy moments scene by scene by scene. Put on some pearls when you sit down to watch -- 'cause you're going to be clutching them by minute five. This season the hits are coming faster than ever. And we're loving every minute of it.


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Basically, me watching an episode of Scandal quickly devolves into clutching my own face and repeatedly muttering "I can't, I can't, I can't." It's stressful and delicious. Oh sure, the show, if broken apart for analysis, is essentially equal parts melodrama, sexual fantasy, and wish fulfillment -- but you say that like it's a BAD thing!

For new fans and old alike, we've all got our favorite moments from the show. Let's revisit some of the most shocking things that have gone down this season. Because memories are beautiful, tomorrow night's episode is sure to be insane, and February seems really far away right now.

1.) Lisa Kudrow's Baby!

Man, it looked like Pope and Associates were so close to helping get a woman into the White House! But when Kudrow's character, Josie Marcus, revealed that the woman working for her whom she called her sister was actually a secret baby from her teen years, it set the stage for a chain of events that would eventually have her out of the running.

2.) Vermont!

Fitz and Liv! They are destined to be together! In Vermont! Making jam! And having babies! They reminded us of this when, after one of their usual tortured not-speaking-to-you sessions, Fitz presented Liv with the house he had built for her! They proceeded to bang, and verily, I wept. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO HARD YOU GUYS?

3.) FITZ NO!

Remember when it was revealed that maybe during his time serving the country, Fitz prrrrobably shot down a plane that was carrying LIV'S MOM? Well it happened. And it was shocking. Talk about deal-breakers.

4.) Olivia's Mom!

But then everything was okay! Because Olivia's mom was alive! And being held in a top-secret jail under a false name. "Damn you to hell, Olivia's father!" The nation seemed to say.

5.) Quinn!

I can't with Quinn. I know she's not a fan fave, but she's a Becca fave -- especially once she was tricked by Charlie into joining Command's spy/killer operation! Quinn went from fake killer in season 1 to real killer now. Plus, her down and dirty post-torture sex session with Charlie I was maybe way more into than is normal or healthy. Whatever. Moving on.

6.) Olivia's Mom AGAIN!

You know what's worse than going your entire adult life thinking that your mother died in a plane crash, and then thinking your father planned to have her killed, and then thinking that he made your married boyfriend do it, and then realizing she was alive all this time? Helping her escape the country right before you realize she is a big ol' terrorist who you just aided and abetted.

7.) Sally NAAAO!

Being the Vice President is no small thing. Sally Langston knows this to be true. There are many duties she must uphold -- but her ambition and her right-wing agenda make things super difficult for her. Still, you'd think she could handle a little thing like, oh, NOT murdering her closeted gay husband for cheating on her with the chief of staff's husband? Right? SALLY FOR PRESIDENT. OF JAIL.

What was your favorite moment so far in Scandal this season?


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